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The 4 Best Carpet Stain Cleaners in Bethesda, MD

Caring for and maintaining a carpet isn’t really a lot of work. There’s the occasional vacuuming about once a week. Hire a professional carpet cleaning service about once every six months to give the carpet a deep, thorough cleaning. Also, you’ll have to do your best to remove stains as soon as they appear.

Removing stains from your carpet is probably the hardest part of maintaining any carpet. Stains don’t like to go away and it usually requires a home carpet cleaning solution to remove the majority of the damage.

Following are the 4 best home carpet cleaning solutions available.

Resolve Triple Oxi Advanced Trigger Carpet Cleaner.

That’s a really long name, but it does a whole lot of work to make up for it. Resolve breaks down all of those tough, impossible stains. It breaks down most of them on the first application. It also prevents those same stains from reappearing in the future. All while neutralizing odors caused from the spill.

WD-40 Spot Shot.

Not everyone knows that WD-40 makes one of the best carpet stain cleaners on the market today. It has no scent or toxic chemicals. It protects the fibers of your carpet with its anti-resoiling agents. This makes it easier to clean the same spot in the future. It also absorbs and neutralizes unwanted odors in the affected area.

Woolite Oxy Deep Carpet Stain & Odor Remover.

Woolite works hard to accomplish two things: remove stains and destroy odors. It removes stains by soaking inside of the carpet fiber and attacking the stain from within. It will remove the stain without any need for scrubbing.

Professional Power Shot.

Power Shot is made by Brissel and it can fight some of the toughest stains out there, including stains from greasy foods, wine, pets, and motor oil. All of those things that normally ruin a carpet forever can now be removed. It also protects the area from future stains.

Any one of these four cleaning agents can get the job done. They are all safe for your carpet and destroy stains on the spot.Save


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