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Sunshine offers a full range of cleaning services for all the flooring & upholstery in your home or business!

Our Carpet Cleaning Method

Pre-Vacuuming of the Carpet:

We like you to vacuum before we arrive, but we can vacuum too. Seventy nine percent of all soil is dry soil and can be removed with vacuuming.


Application of a Detergent Pre-Spray:

Application of a detergent pre-spray so that the detergent actually contacts the soil and spots.  This solution is to help dissolve the stains, spots and overall soil.

Hot-Water Rinsing Using a High-Efficiency Truck Mounted System:

This is where the extraction of soils, spots, pollen, allergens and dirt are rinsed from your carpet; leaving it light, clean and fluffy like you want it to be.

Application of a Carpet Protector:

At your option, carpet protectors create a “shield” around the carpet, keeping dirt from sticking to the fibers. It makes carpet fibers more resistant to oil and water based stains.  Also, it helps routine care for the carpet much easier.

Grooming of the Carpet Fibers:

It gives the carpet a more uniform look and also helps to groom carpet protector into the carpet fiber.


Carpets usually take between 4-6 hours to dry (but no more than 24 hours), depending on the degree of soiling, type of carpet, temperature, and humidity. However, if needed, we have air movers available for faster drying.

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Sunshine's fleet includes high-efficiency truck mounted systems for carpet and surface cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning

There are many different types of upholstered fabrics, and thousands of kinds of stains, that can and will end up on them. Removing stains from delicate fabrics can be a science. It would be nice if there was one chemical to treat every type of stain, but that unfortunately is not the case. Most stains can be removed if treated promptly with the right combination of products and immediate cleaning. The toughest type of stain is one that was pre-treated with the wrong chemical or left for a long period of time.

Many people believe that the wear and tear of upholstered surfaces is not as severe as the daily abuse carpets and rugs are subject to. More often than not, this is not true. Your upholstered furniture is covered daily with dust, skin particles, body oils, dust mites, and other environmental pollutants that are hazardous to your health and wreak havoc on your upholstery. Of course, Sunshine Cleaning only uses the safest and most effective cleaning agents to bring life back to your upholstered furniture.

To Schedule your Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

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