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Mold Remediation with React/Extract

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When it comes to mold remediation, you can't take any chances on any mold being left behind to regrow. That's why Sunshine uses the React Extract system to ensure the job is done right the first time!

Site Preparation

Before remediation can begin we make sure the site is prepared by performing an assessment and inspection. This ensures that we are aware of all problem areas in case any were missed during preliminary discovery. We then contain the problem areas so when the work is being performed, no spores can spread to other areas and cause future problems for the building. 

How React/Extract Works

After the site has been prepared for remediation, we begin the work to remove the mold. We first spray with a stain remover to restore the surface to as close to its prior state as possible. Then we spray the peroxide product that reacts with the stain remover to create a foam that extracts and suspends microbial growth in the foam. We then extract the foam with a wet vac and repeat the process until there is no longer a reaction between the two chemicals and the surface is contamination free. 

Preventing Reoccurrence

Solving the current problem is all well and good, but unless you solve the problem that created the problem to begin with, there is a chance of reoccurrence. Protecting your building with the proper moisture controls can help keep your building safe in the future. To learn more about moisture controls, click here.

React/Extract in Action


OxyPrep is part 1 of the React/Extract system. It preps the surface for use with OxyPar LR and removes mold staining. OxyPrep is a water-based, ready to use and can be used on most construction materials

OxyPar LR

OxyPar LR is part 2 of the React/Extract system. When used on a surface prepped with OxyPrep, it reacts to create a foam that penetrates surfaces, lifts and suspends microbial growth and leaves surfaces brighter. It is a ready to use, Hydrogen Peroxide that can be used on most construction materials.

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