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Mold Remediation

Sunshine Cleaning and Restoration is meticulous when it comes to mold remediation because we know that it is not only a threat to the building, but to its occupants as well. That is why we perform a thorough assessment of the site to come up with the best plan to ensure the job is done right for you!

Site Assessment

Understanding the problem is the first step to solving it. We start  by gathering information on the property's history, overviewing any 3rd party or independent inspections and understanding all your concerns. 

After gathering information, we move to inspecting the property which helps us understand its current condition, determine all problem sources and ensure the health and safety of occupants using the least invasive tools and methods so as not to disrupt the building envelope.

Once the inspection is complete, we make our preliminary determinations, concluding what areas of the property are suspected to be affected by moisture and/or microbial growth.

Developing a work plan is the final step in the Assessment stage. We will recommend which services need to be provided, explain protocols and procedures and schedule your project.

Site Preparation

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Confirming the work plan in the assessment stage leads into preparing the site for the work that needs to be completed. Protecting the building, creating a safe work environment, treating contents/materials and controlling potential cross contamination. 

Protecting the building includes creating clear and safe pathways to and from work areas.


To create a safe work environment, our team will be wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment while managing any hazardous or regulated materials and also making the safety of occupants and other workers a top priority. 

Once a safe environment is created, we begin the removal of non-permanent contents for safe keeping, cleaning and/or sanitizing. Once those contents are removed, we will then cover the remaining permanent contents such as cabinets, shelving and appliances to protect them from cross contamination during the remediation work.

While the work is being completed, we will be controlling the environment by controlling cross contamination through negative air pressure differential, utilizing HEPA-filtered air-scrubbing equipment to capture airborne contaminants (mold, dust, bacteria, etc...) and Vacuuming loose and settled contaminants prior to cleaning using a HEPA Vacuum.

Mold Remediation Process

Part 1: Sunshine seals and removes any contaminated materials to prevent cross-contamination which also helps with minimal necessary demolition to help prevent costly reconstruction costs.

Part 2: Sunshine performs visual restoration to the affected areas by spraying down the area with a microbial stain remover

Part 3: A Hydrogen Peroxide product is sprayed on top of the stain remover which causes a neutralization reaction that foams up and drives contaminates to the surface

Part 4: Our technicians perform controlled wet-stage vacuuming/wipe down and capture of suspended contaminates residing in the foam. 

Part 5: Our technicians will remove the contaminated materials from the building and dispose of them at an approved off-sight location.

If your Home or Commercial Building is Being Affected by Mold

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