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Your home is your biggest investment and there are constant threats that endanger the structure and your family's health. Sunshine Cleaning and Restoration has over 30 years of experience responding to the problems that homeowners face year in and year out. Trust our technicians to get the job done right the first time with the following services:

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is one of the biggest threats to your home and health. Leaking pipes, pipe breaks, floods, there are many instances that lead to water damage. If you don't address the issue quickly, it can lead to more problems and cost more to remediate and repair. Sunshine offers 24/7 service and quick turnaround times so you spend less time worrying and more time getting back to your normal routines.

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Mold Remediation

One of the most prominent threats that water damage poses is the growth of mold. That's why remediation is needed immediately if you see or suspect mold might be growing in your home. Sunshine has successfully handled thousands of mold remediation projects and uses the best products on the market to make sure the work is done right the first time. Your health and safety is our number 1 priority. 

Odor Elimination 

Odor is a tricky subject because of how many different types of odors there are. You could be dealing with odors from pet urine that embeds itself into your floors or nicotine odors that seep into your walls. Cooking odors can also fester in your kitchen. Sunshine offers fast and easy odor elimination services so that your home can get back to smelling fresh.

Fire/Smoke Damage Restoration

Different types of Fires can cause different types of damage to your home. Sunshine has specialized training in the use of products and tools needed to restore your home back to pre-loss conditions. 

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Why have your carpets cleaned and protected? Sunshine believes that your health should be your number one concern. Cleaning your carpets and upholstry at least once a year can improve your indoor air quality, prevent buildup of allergens, bacteria and dust mites.


Our truck mounted hot water extraction units offer a deep cleaning which enhances the appearance of your carpet while protecting your investment.

If you're a Homeowner in Need of Remediation or Carpet Services

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