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Many homeowners neglect protecting the exterior of their home which leads to problems on the interior as well


When people think about mold, they usually envision it magically appearing inside their homes. The truth is, there are many outside factors that can contribute to its growth. One of the biggest factors is the deterioration of your home's exterior. 

If there are any gaps in the exterior of your home, moisture can penetrate and fester until mold starts to grow. That's why it's so important to take steps in protecting it with products like coatings and sealants. Sunshine uses specialized products for just these types of situations. 

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The products we use are award winning, marine graded and EPA registered for moisture protection even on the hulls of ships. Our products can also protect against freeze and thaw reactions that cause exploding brick and damage exteriors in the winter time. 

For more Information on Protecting your Home or Commercial Building's Exterior

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